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Ruth Ellen Johnson
Licensed Aesthetician ● Licensed Aesthetic Instructor ● Spa Founder

It all started in the fall of 1986 in my first make up artistry class  with Sonia Puopolo. While there have been many mentors over the years, Sonia instilled confidence when she said
"You got it! you understand the individual. " I now wish I had counted the faces ; fashion shows, weddings, theater or just a friend. Men, woman, young and old. All just wanting to be their best. Soon I realized it is all about the canvas, so expanding my knowledge of aesthetics seemed natural. After over ten years of teaching others as an educator and spa director, it was time to return to that one on one attention that Sonia praised me for.

Signature Studios philosophy "Its about you." is a personal tribute to Sonia who was taken from us on September 11, 2001. We hope you feel that personal touch when you are with us.